Friday, November 13, 2015

Can O Negative blood types donate plasma?

Q: Does having an O negative blood type affect plasma donation? I've done some research on the subject, and as it turns out, I was nearly turned away from the blood donation center because they didn't want my blood type. They claimed it was too common. Will I have the same problem with O negative blood at the plasma donation center?

Answer: No, you will not be turned away at any plasma donation center that's reputable for having O negative Blood cells. Blood type has no effect on plasma, because plasma lacks the Rh markers that make up red blood cells. Again, plasma is 90% water, and a small amount of protein, none of which has anything to do with blood type.

Can I give and receive plasma from any blood type?

You may have heard that O negative blood type is the universal donor, but rare recipient of blood products. While this may be true for red blood cell donation, plasma and platelet donation are much different.

A person with type A blood can donate blood to a person with type A or type AB. A person with type B blood can donate blood to a person with type B or type AB. A person with type AB blood can donate blood to a person with type AB only.

 Type AB donors are considered the universal plasma donor as their plasma can be given safely to any patient regardless of their blood type. Of course you can always give A blood to persons with blood group A, B blood to a person with blood group B and so on. But in some cases you can receive blood with another type of blood group, or donate blood to a person with another kind of blood group.

In rare cases, people may also have a rare or in some cases even a unique Blood type that would set them apart as a 'special plasma seller.' While all plasma and Blood sales and donations are life-giving and precious, many plasma centers collect plasma from these special kinds of donors.

Rh Immune Response from Plasma Donation

You could give and receive plasma donations from Any blood type, with no negative effects on your health or immune response.

You also don't have to worry about positive Rh contamination,  like Negative Rh mothers do when giving birth. Because the equipment, needles,collection bottle, and filters  are all one time use, and unique to you, there is no need to worry about Blood contamination and immune response. The machines are the only part of the equipment that are reused, and cross-contamination occurs rarely - in less than one in ten thousand plasma donors.

Why should I Sell my Plasma?

Plasma is used To make medication that treats many patients with lowered immune response. This includes burn victims, flu vaccines, special medications for small children, and those suffering from chronic conditions like Lung infections or pneumonia. In other words, your donated plasma help sick people prolong and improve quality of their lives. Not to mention, you get a small monetary compensation for your time and effort spent donating. It's a win-win!

Will the plasma donation center tell me my blood type?

 No, you are unlikely to learn your blood type when donating plasma. Because plasma has no blood type and is "universal" between donors and patients, donor blood type is rarely, if ever, tested. If you want to find out if you have A, B, AB, or O negative blood type, you'll have to donate blood instead of plasma. Bare in mind, if you donate blood, you will be ineligible to donate plasma for six months do to blood loss that needs to be replenished.

Our staff will tell you what your optimum donation is based on your blood type, eligibility and patient needs.


  1. This is 100% FAKE NEWS. No blood bank on this planet is going to turn away an O-Negative donor.

    1. I was just called by the American Red Cross. I had an appointment to donate plasma. I was told since I am O-Negative, this will not be possible. Apparently, they will turn you away.

  2. AND, even if you say otherwise, an O-Negative human cannot receive plasma from anyone else that is not also O-Negative. Plasma donations must be processed in a separate O-negative blood only centrifuge. This has been proven over and over, please make a note of this. If you are O-Negative, do not donate plasma unless you get everyone on the same page with you.


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