Monday, February 23, 2015

Where To Donate Plasma in Colorado

Paid and Unpaid Donation Locations are located throughout Colorado state, but gathering information on them can be difficult. Here is a summary of the best, highest paying plasma donation centers in CO, USA.

Paid Plasma Donation:

1.) Bio-Mat Center 501 Sable Blvd. Aurora, Colorado 80011-8839 (303) 367-9660

They are accepting any blood type for plasma donation. Your first donation you receive $30, and your second you receive $50. After that the payment amount goes down to $25 dollars per donation. I have heard some negative information about there appointment procedures, and long wait times to donate from a friend that tried to donate there, so beware and get to your appointment early.

2.) IBR Plasma Center is located at 145 S Sheridan Blvd. Alameda Crossings Ctr. Lakewood, CO 80226 (303) 238-0363.

They are open Tuesday - Saturday. You can earn up to $200 a month, if you donate twice weekly.

3.) ZLB Plasma Service seems to also be called CSL Plasma and has three locations in Colorado.

The first in metro Denver is 690 Peoria St Unit M Aurora, CO 80011, can be reached by phone at 303-363-0095.

In Fort Collins at 1228 W Elizabeth Street Fort Collins, CO 80521, there phone number is 970-484-2248.

And the third location is 3505 11th Ave Evans, CO 80620, there phone number is 970-330-3558.

They do not take appointments, but they will accept donations if you are there 1 hour before closing. Pay scale is based on weight; a 140 lb person would receive $25 for the first and second donation, after that is $15.

4.) Blood Bank Donors located at 1800 15th Street in Greeley, CO 80631-5154 can be reached by phone at (970) 350-6100.

I heard about them from a friend in Greeley, but was only able to locate an address and phone number. I could find no other information and they did not answer the phone when I attempted to contact them, so they may be closed.

Voluntary Plasma Donation:

Bonfils Blood Bank has a central Denver location at 717 Yosemite St Denver, CO 80230 and many blood drives where they drive a van containing a portable lab to locations all over your city.

You can access this online at Bonfils or you can call there appointment line at (303) 363-2300 or 1-800-365-0006. Bonfils does not pay for blood or plasma donation, they are a volunteer donation center only.

There are many other volunteer donation centers in Colorado, and most hospitals have a blood bank that accepts donations of whole blood or of platelets, or plasma. A list of these can be found on the web at but beware, this list is not accurate or up to date. They have an Art and Rug store listed as a blood bank, and I have been there, if they are taking blood it is not for legit reasons! I could find no more complete list, sorry.

Who is Eligible to donate?

That varies greatly based on the company that is taking your blood. Everyone agrees that you must have valid identification, and they will first run blood screens for common illnesses or diseases that make you ineligible. The most complete list of eligibility requirements is found on the Bonfils website at Bonfils half way down the page they start answering FAQ's which can be very helpful even if you decide to go donate at a paid facility.

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