Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What to Eat Before Donating Plasma?

As a plasma donor, you've already demonstrated your commitment to helping take care of others. So why not take a moment to take proper care of yourself as well?

You can start with a healthy diet.

Just as athletes tailor their diet to maximize their performance, so should you eat well in preparation for giving plasma. That means a diet high in protein, rich in iron, and low in fat.

Your body requires 50-80 grams of protein daily. Nuts, eggs, fish, and other foods high in protein, can help you achieve the daily recommended requirement. If your protein isn't within range, you'll be deferred from plasma donation.

A well-balanced diet also includes iron.

Foods such as:

  • tuna
  • lean red meat
  • eggs
  • nuts
  • beans

And they are all high in iron.

And of course avoid fatty foods. You probably already know that they're not good for you daily life. Did you know that fatty foods can give your plasma a milky appearance, and interfere with the laboratory tests, which can prevent you from donating?

The day of your donation, eat a light meal within three hours of your donation. This will create the right balance for you during your participation in the program. So eat well, feel well, and happy donating!


  1. the day before, i eat an iron fortified cereal (check the nutrition label) and add whey protein powder to the milk. before doing this my hematocrit was right on 38, and now it's around 41 or 42 every time. (female)

  2. What is the brand of whey protein powder you use? Every time I look at the label they all have saturated fat. I try to keep that out of the food I eat because I don't know how much of it will lead to my plasma having that milky appearance.


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