Monday, February 23, 2015

7 Reasons Why You Should Donate Plasma

Just as my mother and I were about to tuck into a delicious bacon avocado burrito feast at Chipotle grill, she suddenly asked the question: "Why Do you donate plasma? You know that it's bad for your health, right? Plus, whatever happened to your ambition? You could do so much better with your life!"

After wiping the burrito crumbs from my magnificent auburn beard, I took some time to really think about her question, and attempt to explain to her the benefits I get from plasma donation.

Later, I came up with the following list of reasons:

1.) Save Others' Lives With Plasmapheresis Therapy

Plain and simple...blood plasma is used to manufacture therapies to keep people alive. It assists in defending against infection and blood clotting. It is used to treat a variety of diseases and disorders such as: Hemophilia, hepatitis B, immune system deficiency, and tetanus, and used in the treatment of burns, trauma, and shock. Two proteins in plasma have been credited with saving countless lives of wounded World War II soldiers, and continue to help our wounded men and women fighting in Iraq today.

2.) Fill Your Wallet With Cash!

When donating source plasma, donors may be paid. Currently, BioLife Plasma Services compensates you $20 for the first donation and $30 for the second donation in a given calendar week (from Monday to Saturday).

Most times, there is a monthly special going on, such as an extra $10 on your fifth and $20 on your seventh visit to the plasma donation center. This money is put on a debit card. BioLife Plasma Services will give you any special details about using this debit card when you first receive it at the plasma donation center.

This compensation is not for the plasma, per se, but for the time involved in the process of collection. Plasma donation companies then sell the plasma to pharmaceutical companies to be manufactured into the therapies needed. Whole blood donation centers are usually non-profit entities, so the collection of your blood and its recovered plasma is truly a donation by you.

3.) Grow Your Savings Account by $3,120 per Year

If you go 2 times a week you're making 60 dollars a week. If you do it all year, thats 52 weeks. Simple math; 60 dollars a week x 52 weeks is 3,120 dollars a year. It's easy money and it is actually pretty simple if you can spare an 4 hours out of the week.

4.) There's 0% Chance of Infection

BioLife Plasma Services uses strict quality guidelines. Through their donating process, equipment that comes in contact with blood is only used once for each donor. No blood or blood products some in contact with universal equipment.

5.) Make the Most of Your Boring Down Time

In between classes and looking for something to do? This is plasma donation in a nutshell: They draw blood out of you, it goes into the machine and they separate the plasma out of the blood, then they put the blood back into your system while they deposit the plasma into a bag. It's a simple process that takes takes about two and a half hours your very first time. Usually the normal process after you become a continual donor takes about an hour and a half.

A few tips for you though; Bring a book. You'll spend a lot of the time reading it. If you aren't a reader, bring an mp3 player. You'll want something to do while you're there, because when you're on the machine it seems a lot longer than it actually is.

6.) Get a Free Physical With Each Donation

 A yearly physical exam is performed at the collection center. During each visit, prior to donation, vital statistics are checked. Blood is also tested for proper iron and protein levels before a person can donate. Biolife Plasma Services has an online page of Donor Eligibility Guidelines2, including certain medications or disorders that may prevent you from donating plasma.

7.) Meet Some New and Exciting People

Yes, you can make a few bucks donating plasma, and your plasma may actually save lives. In addition to this, I can guarantee that you will definitely run into some interesting people should you decide to make plasma donation a habit - such as people who donate plasma for a living, moms trying to save for a college education, and yes, the occasional drug user trying to score their next fix.


  1. Do you have to file a 1099 misc for anything over $900.00 in a year for giving Plasma?

  2. Do you have to file a 1099 misc for anything over $900.00 in a year for giving Plasma?


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