Monday, August 4, 2014

Does Donating Plasma Lower Your Cholesterol?

So, people these days will do anything basically to lose a little weight. That's why it doesn't surprise me to hear the latest weight loss and cholesterol fad is donating plasma or blood to lower your cholesterol.

I think this probably came about from a popular Huffington Post news article recently that said one pint of blood equals 417 cal, so you can lose 417 cal in an hour, the same as doing heavy cardio or jumping jacks just by donating a pint of blood.

To be honest, I don't think donating a pint will result in any weight loss, since you can only donate blood once every six months, and you just get hungry again to replenish the calories you lost for donating.

As for the cholesterol lost from donating plasma, you only lose about 16 g of calories, which is equal to about 1 ounce. This sounds like a lot of cholesterol loss, but when you stop to think about it, it's actually good cholesterol your losing, because the bad cholesterol, the HDL, sticks to your veins so it can't come out in liquid form.

In other words, the cholesterol you're losing when donating plasma is water-soluble, which is the good cholesterol that comes from seafood, peanut butter, olive oil, and mono and polyunsaturated fats, which is good for your heart.

So you might lose some good cholesterol, but since it's the good cholesterol that keeps the bad cholesterol in check, you're actually not doing your body any favors.

So if you want to donate plasma or blood, just do it for the cash. You can earn $60 a week, which is $240 a month. You can also help a lot of people by pharmaceutical companies using your plasma to make flu vaccines.

But don't do donate to lose cholesterol, or fat, because any effects are temporary, and any longer-term effects are actually detrimental to your body, and definitely won't help you get in shape.


  1. Prove anything of what you just stated you have no evidence to prove this

  2. Here’s the problem HDL cholesterol is the good kind and LDL is the bad you have it backwards. Maybe check your racks first?

  3. HDL is definitely the good cholesterol, you lost all credibility!!


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