Sunday, June 30, 2013

Does Blood Type Affect Plasma Donation?

Q: Can I Donate Plasma With My Blood Type?

Answer: Yes, all blood types, including A, B, AB, and O types can donate plasma without getting rejected. Blood types are blood types, and not plasma types, and so don't affect who can give/receive plasma donations. Your blood plasma is mostly water (over 90 percent water) and doesn't have protein antigens which make the plasma incompatible with someone else's plasma.

What is My Blood Type?

Human blood types or blood groups are classed as the following: A, O, AB, and B. Type O blood is the most common blood type, with over 30 percent of the population being type O. AB is the rarest, with less than 3 percent of the population having type AB blood. Blood types are classified by protein antigens which coat the red blood cells.

Can I Donate With Rh Positive/Negative Blood?

Yes, both Rh positive and Rh negative factor donors can give blood plasma. Rh (rhesus factor) in blood doesn't cross over to blood plasma.

Will I Make More Money Donating Plasma if I Have a Rare Blood Type?

Even though AB blood type donors have a blood type compatible with only 3 percent of the population, their rare blood type doesn't mean they make more money for plasma donating. And common blood types, like type O blood, make the same amount donating as rare blood types. In other words, all types of blood get the same compensation amount. **

** If you have other blood abnormalities, like high white blood cell count, or sickle cell anemia, the plasma center will make more money from studying your blood and creating medications. However, you the donor, usually won't know, or even be compensated more money for different blood types/blood abnormalities.
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